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Manual osteopathy

What is Manual Osteopathy?

Manual Osteopathy is therapy that treats the body holistically rather than as an assortment of individual parts. Using a variety of gentle hands-on techniques, we treat according to the osteopathic philosophy that the structure governs function. As structure is returned into proper alignment, various body systems such as the circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems are no longer being interfered with and the body can return to homeostasis and begin to heal itself.

Many osteopathic techniques can be used including:

- Soft tissue techniques to help reduce pain and relax muscle fibers
- Join mobilization techniques to increase range of motion at the joint
- Muscle energy techniques to restore range of motion from tight muscles
- Strain and counterstrain to decrease tender points and trigger points
- Myofascial release to increase flexibility and decrease pain
- Cranial osteopathy to decrease headaches, jaw pain, and increase cerebral spinal fluid distribution
- Visceral techniques to help improve the functioning of organs
- Plus many more osteopathic techniques to help your body function better by decreasing pain, improving flexibility and decreasing stress

Osteopathy can be used for;

Chronic Pain

Restricted Mobility

Restricted Range of Motion

Preventative Care

Reduction of Systemic Stress


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 I find my mobility and flexibility has improved and any regular daily pain is now gone with a few treatments. Very professional and knowledgeable about his work. I’m very impressed and would highly recommend his treatments!

Maia - Sarnia

David is very knowledgeable and has a truly holistic approach. Each treatment gives pain relief and improvement in range of motion.

Val - Sarnia

Great professional service! Dave is passionate about what he does and it shows!  Highly recommend him.

Nicole - Sarnia