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Concussion recovery therapy

What is Concussion Recovery Therapy?

Concussion Recovery Therapy is a cutting-edge new protocol using DC microcurrent.  Using small wands, I  apply microcurrent to the cranium and other therapeutic points for clients suffering with post-concussion syndrome.  Since it dramatically reduces cortisol (stress hormone), the protocol has exciting brain health applications beyond concussions. Studies show high cortisol levels negatively influence the brain including decreased neuroplasticity, brain aging, hippocampus atrophy, cognitive function, and memory loss.

It is effective for symptoms such as;

Noise Sensitivity 

Light Sensitivity 

Blurry Vision 


Brain Fog

Visual Motor Skills

Mood Decline

Tight Neck Muscles




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David offered therapy for my concussion symptoms. This would be my 4th concussion in my lifetime but second in 12 months. My primary lingering symptoms at approx 5 weeks post concussion were light sensitivity, headaches and nausea. It was at this point I was assessed and treated. After the treatment I had nausea but within a few days there was appreciably less light sensitivity and headaches and all symptoms resolved soon thereafter.

Vonda - Lambton County